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How to Setup CircuitTree FluidValve

How to Setup CircuitTree Fluidvalve:

  1. Unbox
  2. Prepare water solenoid valves
  3. Plug in 12v power cable
  4. Once CT-Fluidvalve is plugged in, Navigate to CT UI via your browser. (using local access / Remote access
  5. Once at UI, Select Tree from the menu and it will bring you to the page showing all Nodes, Sensors etc. (you should see CT-Fluidvalve in list of devices.)
  • We suggest to install one CT-Fluidvalve at a time to avoid conflict.
  • Rename to your specific needs by selecting the gear icon.
  • For advanced/extended use please refer to our UI Setup and Configuration for more related features for the CT-Fluidvalve.
  1. Install next parts: (water manifold with solenoid valves)
  2. Install all water lines w sprinkler ends.
  3. Calibrate water pressure and connect valves to each zone as needed.