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FAQs section for CircuitTree Smart Systems. (PLEASE READ BELOW)

If i have a problem with the system where do i go for support?

How do i reinstall a sensor that i have?

  • To reinstall a sensor in case something happens or you get a replacement, unplug the sensor and go into the software UI to remove it from the system.
    Once there click on the sensor you want to remove to drop down options, then click the gear icon and click the “Remove” button. This will remove the sensor from the system.
    Then replug in the sensor and it should reinitialize the sensor into the software. Once the sensor is reinitialized then you can click the sensor to open options and rename it from there.

  • If its not working for you then please submit a support ticket in our system and we will assist you.

How do I connect to the software of the smart system?

Our software has its own app that runs within your web browser. Once you access this system in the web browser for the first time, you can add a bookmark to that page onto your device’s home screen (on mobile devices) or use browser bookmarks (on computers).

Once your CircuitTree Controller is turned on and booted up, the first thing to do is login to the local GLxxxx wifi connection with your phone or other smart device, computer, etc. Once your device is connected to the Controller’s wifi network, navigate with a web browser to the URL address – this will bring up the user interface.

Once the page loads and you can see the time, click the hamburger menu in the top right corner and select Dashboard. From there you will see your system and its sensors.

Save this browser page to your home screen from within your browser app settings. This makes it into an “app” icon on your home screen of your device. (Or on computer, save it as a bookmark.) Once you’re connected to GLxxx wifi connection, this app/bookmark will automatically connect to your system when opened.

There is no need to download any app from any app store.
It’s important to know there is a difference from the local wifi connection provided by the Controller, versus the system being online connected to the public internet.

Please remember by default your system wifi IS NOT CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET until you go through the system setup process – but the software and system is always accessible without internet when you login to the local GLxxx wifi from the Controller.
If you want to have your system online on the internet then follow the guide below this post. Or go to our Support Page 1 and download the manual.
The internet setup features are listed at the beginning of the User Guide.

You can also add a home screen icon/bookmark for the Controller’s wifi router if you’d like a shortcut to that. The router admin is accessible at = CircuitTree User Interface = WiFi Router Interface

How do I connect my system to the internet?
The way to connect your CircuitTree Controller to the internet is through our router interface once you are connected to the Controller’s GLxxx wifi connection. First, connect your device to the GLxxx wifi connection which is available after the Controller is powered up and booted.
Once connected navigate to in your web browser and go through the setup process which appears the first time you connect.
Once setup is complete you then navigate to the main window by clicking the Home icon on the upper left side bar. From there click new connections and select “Repeater” Tab. Then, select the drop down to find your wifi internet connection and input your wifi’s password. Then click submit. Once it connects your system should be connected to the internet.
You can also add a home screen icon/bookmark for the Controller’s wifi router if you’d like a shortcut to that on your device.

Please refer to our user guide online for information on how to set up and manage your system.

How to i access the Remote Access feature on my system?
CircuitTree Remote Access is accessible with using our app called ZeroTier 3.
You can get the app on the Google Play Store (android),ITunes Store (Apple) and at Zerotier for Desktop versions (Windows, Mac, Linux).
Click here to go to the website to select your download.

Once you have downloaded your Zerotier App and installed, open app and click the “+” (Add Network) icon on the App.
Then once it opens add the network key provided in your welcome email and send us a message to add the device to the network. This will then authenticate your device on your personal VPN to give you access to your system remotely.